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Sailing Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Established in September 2011, Sailing Capital Management Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Sailing Capital”) is an institution strategically held and relatively controlled by SIG.

Currently Sailing Capital manages Sailing Capital International Fund, an RMB international investment and lending fund jointly established by SIG and relevant investors in accordance with the guidance of the People’s Bank of China with substantial support of Shanghai Municipal Government and relevant ministries and commissions of the state, aiming to provide a commercial and marketing platform and professional investment and financing services for domestic enterprises in overseas investment, merger and acquisitions, and to promote cross-border flows of RMB through overseas investment of the companies. Adopting the “Three Linkages” in its operation, i.e. domestic and overseas linkage, investment & loan linkage and fund operation & enterprise’s overseas development linkage, Sailing Capital International Fund makes great innovations in domestic financial services.

Sailing Capital International Fund is a corporate fund with a total amount of RMB 50 billion yuan and first-round fund raising of RMB 12 billion yuan (including a registered capital of RMB 9.01 billion yuan and directional bond of RMB 3 billion yuan). Investors of the Fund include central and local enterprises and groups, listed companies, well-known private enterprises and financial institutions. In the coming few years, Sailing Capital International Fund will raise its total amount to exceed RMB 150 billion yuan by feeder funds, loan-investment combination and bonds issuing.


Sailing Capital Management Co., Ltd.
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