With financial holding as one of the core businesses, SIG focuses on promoting the optimization and integration of financial resources, improving the financial holding management system, and accelerating the development of financial holding  groups.  SIG  will  actively  fulfill  the  responsibilities  of the  largest shareholder  of  SPD  Bank,  Guotai  Junan  Securities  and  Shanghai  Rural Commercial Bank, standardize the authorized management of state-owned capital and promote the listing and development of key municipal financial institutions. SIG supports them to continuously enhance their capital strength and market competitiveness, and build itself into a local financial enterprise matching Shanghai's status as an international ffinancial center. It supports and  participates  in the  development  of the financial  factor  market,  and performs well in the establishment and operation of functional institutions and trading platforms. SIG expands the depth and breadth of investment layout in the financial field, and enriches financial business and license resources, so as to better serve the real economy and prevent and control financial risks.


With financial holding as one of the core businesses, SIG focuses on promoting the optimization and integration of financial resources, improving the financial holding management system, and accelerating the development of financial holding  groups.  

  • SPD Bank

    Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.("SPD Bank") is a strategic investment of SIG. SIG holds a 29.67% consolidated share of SPD Bank as its largest shareholder.

    SPD Bank has built up a national commercial bank operation and service network consisting of 41 tier-one branches and near 1,700 business outlets across the world. In 2021, SPD Bank ranks 68th on Forbes Global 2000, 18th among Top 1000 World Banks released by the British magazine The Banker and 15th among The Banker's Top 500 Banking Brands, 201st on the Fortune Global 500 Companies. SPD Bank is one of the few domestic joint-stock commercial banks in China rated above investment grade by each of the"Big Three"credit rating agencies and all of its rating outlooks are stable.

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  • Guotai Junan Securities

    Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd.("Guotai Junan") is a strategic interest of SIG. SIG is the largest shareholder of Guotai Junan with a combined stake of 33.34%.

    Guotai Junan is a well-established leader in China's securities industry that constantly provides comprehensive financial services. Guotai Junan has witnessed the entire journey and multiple cycles of China's capital market development. Always putting customers at the center, and deeply rooted in the China market, it provides a variety of financial services for both individual and institutional clients, and has established industry leadership on all fronts. From 2011 to 2020, its operating income ranked among top 3 in the industry for ten consecutive years. It is both committed to achieving high-quality growth and leading scale, and centered on profitability and risk management. For fourteen consecutive years since 2008, it has retained a "A-Class AA-Grade" rating from China Securities Regulatory Commission, which is by far the highest rating ever given to a Chinese securities company.

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  • Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank

    Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.("Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank") is a strategic investment of SIG. As its largest shareholder, SIG has a combined 9.07% equity interest in Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank.

    Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank is the first provincial-level joint-stock commercial bank restructured from a rural credit cooperative in China. It has 366 service outlets and over 7,000 employees.

    Following the approach of "refined management, professional operation and differentiated services", Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank assists its clients with transformation via innovative financial products, improves client experience through efficient process management, and enhances its service capacity to create value for its clients, as it strives to be a service-oriented bank. It ranks 149th on the list of Top 1,000 World Banks in 2021.

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With financial holding as one of the core businesses, SIG focuses on promoting the optimization and integration of financial resources, improving the financial holding management system, and accelerating the development of financial holding  groups.  

  • Shanghai Insurance Exchange

    Shanghai Insurance Exchange Co., Ltd.("Shanghai Insurance Exchange") is a strategic investment of SIG. SIG is a co-founder of Shanghai Insurance Exchange with a combined contribution of RMB 60 million.

    Under direct management of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Shanghai Insurance Exchange adheres to the positioning of industrial infrastructure and comprehensive service platform, aims to build a standardized, normalized and digital functional framework system for floor insurance trading, actively constructs business platforms for insurance, reinsurance and insurance asset management, and builds the health insurance service platform and the insurance intermediary service platform in an innovative manner. It also provides account clearing service, settlement service, anti-fraud service and other functional services, earnestly performs its duties of serving the supervision and the market, promotes the realization of "making insurance trading more efficient and insurance products more beneficial to the people", so as to become a first-class insurance exchange rooted in Shanghai, serving China and influencing the globe.

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  • Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange

    Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange Corporation("Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange")is a strategic interest of SIG. SIG invested RMB 80 million to participate in the founding of Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange.

    Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange is an important infrastructure for China's financial market. It has functions including quotation and trading of bills, registration and trusteeship, clearing and settlement, and information services. It undertakes the implementation of the Central Bank's monetary policies, such as rediscount policy, among others. In the field of commercial paper in China, it is a center for registration and trusteeship, trading, innovation, risk prevention and control, and data information.

    The development of Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange is conducive to further improving the Central Bank's macro-control, optimizing the transmission of monetary policies and enhancing the ability of financial sector to serve the real economy. It will significantly improve the security, transparency and trading efficiency of the bill market, boost market vitality and better guard against the risks of commercial paper business.

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  • CIPS Co., Ltd.

    CIPS Co., Ltd. is a strategic investment of SIG. SIG invested RMB 80 million in the fund-raising of CIPS Co., Ltd..

    Under the supervision and administration of the People's Bank of China, CIPS Co., Ltd. takes full charge of the development, operation and maintenance of Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), provides cross-border RMB payment clearing, interactive information service, services rendered to participants, product innovation, standard setting, data processing, information technology supporting and business expansion.

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With financial holding as one of the core businesses, SIG focuses on promoting the optimization and integration of financial resources, improving the financial holding management system, and accelerating the development of financial holding  groups.  

  • CPIC

    China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.("CPIC") is an enterprise in which SIG and its subsidiaries invest and take a combined stake of 10.17% as the third largest shareholder.

    CPIC is a leading comprehensive insurance group in China and the first ever A+H+G (Shanghai, Hong Kong, London) listed insurance company. Against the backdrop of the complex and changing international situation, the pressure of macroeconomic growth, and the transformation of the industry cycle, the company focuses on insurance as its core business, insists on long-term operation, and grasps the mainline of high-quality development to achieve steady growth of business performance. It has been listed among Fortune Global 500 for 11 years in a row and ranks up to 158th at present.

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  • Shanghai Securities

    Shanghai Securities Co., Ltd.("SSC"), a comprehensive securities company, is a strategic interest of SIG. Its shareholders include Shanghai Bailian Group Co., Ltd., Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd., SIG, Shanghai SITICO Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Chengtou Group Corporation. SIG holds a combined stake 24.01% of SSC as its third largest shareholder.

    SSC has one subsidiary which is a futures company, 3 branch companies and 76 service outlets, which constitute a Shanghai-centered business network that radiates to Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Circle. SSC covers both floor market and over-the-counter market business, and provides investors with a complete set of financial services including securities brokerage, wealth management and investment advisory, etc.

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  • HuaAn Funds

    HuaAn Fund Management Co., Ltd.("HuaAn Funds")has 20% of its stake held by Shanghai SITICO Assets Management Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of SIG and the joint second largest shareholder of HuaAn Funds.

    As one of the first fund management companies established with the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission, HuaAn Funds has engaged in the development of eight innovative products that are industry milestones. By the end of September 2021, HuaAn Funds managed RMB 553.2 billion worth of mutual funds, including RMB 332 billion worth of non-monetary mutual funds. The company manages 174 mutual funds in total, provides services to more than 69 million individual fundholders and over 30 thousand institutional customers. A total dividend of over RMB 85 billion has been achieved. In 2021, the company successfully put on sale a public offering REITs product both first in Shanghai and China, and was officially approved to pilot the fund investment and consulting business. Due to its excellent investment management strength, the company won four product awards, including the "Gold Fund Award" by Shanghai Securities News.

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