Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Before you browse or use this website and all the sites under the same domain name (hereinafter referred to as“this Website”), please read the following legal statements carefully:

Website Content and Copyright Protection

Article 1 All the information posted on this site, including but not limited to text, pictures, charts, logos, trademarks, website designs, software available for download and use, are owned or legally authorized to be used by Shanghai International Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SIG”) , and are protected by relevant laws and regulations in People's Republic of China.

Article 2 All the text, pictures, audios, original conceptions, logos, trademarks, corporate names(including English names) with their abbreviations, fonts, domain names, etc., of SIG and its subsidiary are protected by laws and regulations. Any use of the above-mentioned content without permission by SIG, or even use in the form of distortion or defame, is prohibited.

Article 3 Unless approved by SIG in a written form, it is not allowed to use content in this Website by copy, storage, editing, combination, mirroring, transmitting, publication, demonstration and any other form.

Article 4 Unless approved by SIG in a written form, no website is allowed to set links to this Website. SIG makes no guarantee and assumes no obligations on any sort of behavior that link any other website to this Website. SIG makes no guarantee on the contents of websites of entities under SIG that links to this Website.

Privacy Terms and Protection of Interests and Rights

Article 5 SIG assumes no obligation to any legal disputes or consequences resulting from the leak of personal information from any website which links to this Website.

Article 6 Citing, extracting or reposting content from third parties on this Website does not mean the content represent SIG`s standpoint.

Article 7 This Website does not guarantee for the function or security of any third-party software used in this Website, and assumes no obligation as a consequence of them.

Article 8 Articles posted on this Website do not constitute an offer or intention for the acquisition, purchase, subscription, selling or holding of any assets; SIG has no bearing on the gains and losses of investors if they refer to information provided on this Website for their financial investment, securities investment , etc.

Article 9 SIG assumes no obligations to the leak, loss, theft and tampering of personal information as a consequence of force majeure that affect normal functioning of the network system, including hacking attack, penetration of computer viruses or temporary shutdown of websites due to governmental control.

Legal Obligation and Disclaimers

Article 10 SIG does not guarantee the punctuality, comprehensiveness and correctness of content in this Website; SIG does not assume any obligation resulting from the negligence, omission and error of the content.

Article 11 SIG assumes no obligation to any consequence resulting from breakdown of Internet or other force majerue while web-browsers are using this Website.

Article 12 SIG assumes no obligation to any consequence due to violation of laws in the People`s Republic of China by website users as a result of the violation of regulations in this statement.

Article 13 Anyone, once entering, logging in, directly or indirectly using materials in this Website, is regarded as agreeing to the confinement of this legal notice.

Article 14 SIG have the ownership of this Legal Notice, with the right of revision, update and final interpretation. Any other relevant matters concerning this Website while unmentioned in this Legal Notice should be in line with related laws and regulations of the People`s Republic of China.