Talent Philosophy

The development of Shanghai International Group Co., Ltd. (SIG) has been inseparable from the painstaking efforts of all staff, and we have attached great importance to talent training and development. At a new development stage, we will stay focused on Shanghai's strategic goal of building an international financial center in talent work. In accordance with the Outline of the Medium and Long-term Talent Development Plan of Shanghai (2010-2020) and the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan of Shanghai for Talent Development, with SIG's strategy as orientation, under the principle of training talents with both political integrity and professional competence, we will make great efforts on talent introduction, motivation, cultivation and retention.

The goal of SIG's human resources work is to follow the strategic direction and development path of SIG, to progressively develop a human resources service system of strategic partnership, step up efforts to introduce and train outstanding talents, focus on strengthening staff incentive, training and development, and comprehensively enhance the professional literacy and value of all executives and staff on the basis of constantly creating value for shareholders, thus providing effective support for the strategic and all-round development of SIG.