Starting as Shanghai Trust & Investment Co., Ltd. (later renamed as Shanghai International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.) in 1981, Shanghai International Group (SIG) was incorporated in April, 2000. SIG has been resolute in implementing the major decisions made by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government, and instructions of Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. By actively serving the major strategies of the city and the country, SIG lays focus on core businesses including financial holding, investment & asset management and state - owned capital operation . Committed to a professional, market- oriented, international and law-based approach, SIG will deepen the functions of the state-owned capital platform, intensify its reform and innovation, strengthen the leading role, control power and competitiveness of state-owned capital and constantly open up new chapter of high-quality development.

The registered capital of SIG is RMB 30 billion. As of the end of 2022, its total assets stood at RMB 232.5 billion, net assets reached RMB 164.1 billion, and its asset-liability ratio was 29.5%. Its corporate credit rating and the credit rating of open market bonds remained the highest triple-A rating. In 2022, the total profit of SIG reached RMB 7.1 billion. In 2022, SIG ranked first in the list of "Top 10 of Overall High-quality Development Evaluation for State-owned Capital Operation Companies" released by Southern Financial Think Tank, and was rewarded as "Top 10 of China's Best Institutional Investors" in 2021 by Chinese Venture.

SIG holds 60% of local state-owned rights and interests of municipal financial institutions. It is the largest shareholder of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd., Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., as well as a major shareholder of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. It participated in launching financial and property factor markets such as Shanghai Insurance Exchange Co., Ltd., Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange and Shanghai Data Exchange Co., Ltd. Focusing on major strategies including the development of Shanghai as an international financial center, the science and innovation center, and the development of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta, SIG has created five industrial fund brands, including GP Capital, Guohe Capital, Sailing Capital, Shanghai Sci-Tech Innovation Center Capital and Growth FOF, with a total asset under management exceeding RMB 140 billion . More than 100 science and technology innovation enterprises invested by its funds have been successfully listed on the stock market at home and abroad, giving full play to the leading and driving role of state-owned capital in improving industrial competitiveness and promoting the development of emerging industries.

In the future, SIG will further promote the dual-engine development strategy of state-owned capital operation and investment management led by the development of financial holding group . It will actively build a leading financial holding group and state- owned capital investment operation platform in China with important strategic functions, international vision and visibility, thus making new and greater contributions to accelerating the development of Shanghai into a modern socialist international metropolis with world influence, as well as to creating a new miracle of development in the new era!


  • Shanghai State-owned Assets Management CO .,ltd .

    Shanghai State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. ("SSAM") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIG. It's not only a core subsidiary of SIG with the mission of strengthening the function of SOA operation, but also a competitive business entity of SIG that represents the organic integration of SIG's financial service support and market-oriented investment.
    SSAM was incorporated in October 1999, with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Government. In July 2014, as authorized by China Banking Regulatory Commission, SSAM became one of the first local asset management companies and fully participat- ed in the acquisition and disposal of non-performing assets of local financial institutions.
    SSAM is a key holding company of SIG's strategic financial assets. Currently, SSAM holds stakes in Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co ., Ltd ., Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., and China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. Ltd., among other major financial institutions. Since its establishment, SSAM has sustained steady performance and active innova- tion. It has successfully led and participated in the restructuring and reform of financial institutions and key SOEs owned by the Shanghai Municipal Government, thereby supporting the effective entry and exit of state-owned capital.
    Looking into the future, SSAM will firmly adhere to the core orientation of "value investment and capability improvement", advance the main strate- gy of "financial eco-development and high-quality allocation", strengthen the development pathway of "proactive total amount objective, structural optimization, focusing on orientation, and strict risk control", and highlight the requirements of fine, professional and systematic work, thereby constantly enhancing its competitiveness, control, influence, innovation and ability to resist risks.

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  • SIG Asset Managment Co .,Ltd .

    SIG Asset Management Co ., Ltd . ("SIGAM"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIG, serves as a core player of SIG for investment management. It is also a competitive operating entity for SIG to leverage the leading, magnifying and guiding role of SOAs and manage social capital in a market-based manner.
    Starting as Shanghai SITCO Enterprises Co., Ltd in 1987, and later renamed as SIG Investment Manage-ment Co., Ltd. in 2006, SIG Asset Management was restructured at the end of 2008.
    SIGAM has gained a steady growth with strongperformance. Since it was established, by virtue of market-based equity investment management,SIGAM has invested in hundreds of medium-and-large private equity investment projects spanning industries including finance, real estate and manufac-turing. It has accumulated advantageous resources and built professional capabilities for all stages of equity investment. Furthermore, it has realized asset appreciation through diversified channels such as listing and equity transfer, making important contri- butions to SIG's strategic development. In addition, it has won many titles of honor, including "National Model Unit" and "National Model Home for Staff", "Shanghai Model Unit" for 12 consecutive years. It has set up a role model for value orientation, collab-oration for social civilization and innovation-driven development.
    In the next 3-5 years, SIGAM will strive to consolidate the foundation in three major business formats including active investment, industrial funds, hotel and office building O&M, focus on the fields of finance, science and technology, and give full play to its leading role and brand appeal, explore market-ori- ented and professional systems and mechanisms, innovate management modes, effectively improve the ability of market-oriented and professional investment management, to further serve Shang- hai's major strategies and SIG's innovation and development.

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  • Shanghai Sitico Assets Management Co .,Ltd

    Shanghai SITICO Assets Management Co., Ltd. ("SITICO Assets Management") is SIG's only equity diversified holding subsidiary with two sharehold- ers, in which SIG holds 80% of the shares.
    Established in 2015, SITICO Assets Management serves as a separate and newly established company by Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion. It reported total assets of RMB 26,656 million and net assets of RMB 20,161 million as of the end of 2021.
    SITICO Assets Management mainly holds shares or equity interests in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd., Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd., HuaAn Fund Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai United International Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Securities Co ., Ltd ., as well as Guotai Junan Investment Management Co., Ltd.
    SITICO Assets Management is mainly engaged in the asset management business, with a focus on equity investment and debt investment. Based in the Yangtze River Delta region, it focuses on financial and investment in emerging industries, and adopts a market-oriented and specialized strategy by leaning on the strengths of its shareholders and giving full play to its time-honored brand. It has embarked on a journey of reform and innovation with higher degree of marketization, more flexible operation, more effective decision-making and better business perfor- mance. It strives to become a vibrant and outstanding
    asset management company that is uniquely positioned and highly competitive.

  • Shanghai International Group (Hong Kong) Co .,Ltd

    Shanghai International Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. ("SIGHK") was incorporated in August 2006, after the restructuring of SIG's overseas resources of subsidiaries and offices in Germany, Japan, the United States and Hong Kong. It is an overseas wholly-owned subsidiary of SIG.
    SIGHK is SIG's overseas vehicle for direct invest- ment and financing, capital market investment, business cooperation and talent pooling. As a window for SIG to conduct overseas asset alloca- tion and overseas business, SIGHK is dedicated to making explorations for the SOA and SOE reform of Shanghai, echoing SIG's mission.
    SIGHK adheres to an "international, profes- sional and ma r ke t- o r i e nte d" a p p r o a c h . B y v i r t u e o f d i v e r s i fi e d investment, cross-border operation and resources integration, SIGHK aims to become an overseas investment holding vehicle that is capable of equity and debt financ- ing and project investment management, as well as an overseas extension for SIG's development strategy.