SSAM · 14th Shanghai International Popular Sports Festival Wrapped Up

Gather the power of public welfare, enjoy the beauty of Binjiang! The closing ceremony of "SSAM · 14th Shanghai International Popular Sports Festival" opened on the morning of November 20. As the first part of the closing ceremony, "Charity · Fun Walk" kicked off with a whistle, igniting the passion of the people present. Hundreds of Chinese and foreign caring people gathered at the foot of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower to walk for love. Enthusiasts of darts, skiing, cycling, double Dutch, e-sports and other sports showed their skills in turn, conveying a positive and optimistic life philosophy to the public, and expressing their support for sports public welfare.

Present were leaders of the Shanghai Administration of Sports (SAS), the Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the Cultural and Tourism Bureau of Pudong New Area and SIG. At the ceremony, Shanghai State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. (SSAM) donated for the development of urban social sports via the Shanghai Sports Development Foundation.

The Shanghai International Popular Sports Festival is a general mass sports event initiated by SAS and the Shanghai Sports Federation in 2009, which has been held successfully for 14 years. By sponsoring the festival, SSAM aimed to build a public sports exchange platform, conduct a physical fitness campaign for all, create a more healthier, joyful and harmonious urban sports atmosphere, and enhance the happiness and sense of gain of the public. As the "reserved program" of the Shanghai International Popular Sports Festival over the years, the "Charity · Fun" series attracted wide attention and participation from caring people, quickly igniting the passion for sports on the scene.

SSAM has thoroughly comprehended the spiritual essence of "providing guidance and support for enterprises, social organizations, and individuals who have the desire and ability to actively participate in charitable and public-interest initiatives" as proposed in the report to the 20th CPC National Congress, stayed true to its original mission, devoted itself to various public welfare activities, performed corporate social responsibility, demonstrated its sense of responsibility as a state-owned enterprise, constantly passed positive energy to the society and helped Shanghai enhance its soft strength.

At the closing ceremony, SSAM's public welfare exhibition hall displayed SSAM's intangible cultural heritage program and other featured public welfare programs over the years, attracting flocks of visitors and participants, showing the charm of fine Chinese traditional culture. SSAM will remain committed to telling Chinese stories, spreading the voice of China, and presenting the credible, lovely and respectable image of China.