Strengthening the Fulfillment of Responsibilities, Eliminating Potential Hazards: SIG Conducts Safety Inspection before "May Day" Holiday

    To ensure the work safety of SIG and keep the safety situation stable during the "May Day" holiday, Yu Beihua, Secretary of the CPC SIG Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors; Liu Xinyi, Vice Secretary of the CPC SIG Committee and President of SIG; and other leaders of SIG led teams for pre-holiday safety inspection from April 27 to 28.

    The inspection covered SIG's office buildings, hotels, own property for rental and other places. SIG's leaders inquired about their business development and safety work, and then conducted targeted safety inspection according to their features and functions. In the office buildings, they listened to the reports on shift schedules, and inspected important areas and parts such as monitoring rooms, equipment rooms and fire extinguishers. In the hotels, with focus on important links of business premises, they found out the situation of fire safety, food safety, epidemic prevention and control, and daily management, and inspected key areas such as restaurants, life passages, special equipment and children's playgrounds. In the own property for rental, they listened to the reports on the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the parties involved in rental property management, the conclusion of safety agreements, as well as routine safety inspection and patrol, and inspected fire hydrants, fire doors, fire extinguishers and other parts. Aiming at the safety hazards found in the inspection, the relevant entities took immediate measures to eliminate them.

    SIG's leaders raised requirements for the safety work during the "May Day" holiday and at present, requiring that we should always tighten safety control, ensure that the primary responsibilities of production safety are fulfilled, and live up to our duties; we should draw lessons from social accidents, seriously study and analyze risks, and supervise the implementation of measures for forestalling and defusing major safety risks according to the characteristics of emergency management work during the holiday, strengthen emergency duty attendance, shift preparation and emergency disposal, strictly implement the system of "leaders in charge with specific persons on duty" and the system of "24-hour duty attendance" and information reporting, deploy rescue and emergency disposal forces, duly and honestly report related information in accordance with the procedures; and we should make persistent efforts on epidemic prevention and control, and guide staff in health management and personal protection, so as to spend a peaceful holiday.

    Heads of Shanghai State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. and SIG Asset Management Co., Ltd., the group office, as well as administrative executives and safety managers of the Department of Administration of SIG and relevant entities accompanied SIG's leaders for the inspection.