Wu Qing, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Visits SIG

On the afternoon of November 24, Wu Qing, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, conducted a survey of SIG. At SIG, he visited the historical gallery of SIG, and hosted a meeting to listen to a report on the reform and development of SIG.

Wu spoke highly of SIG's remarkable contributions through serving the development of Shanghai under major national and municipal strategies. He noted that, SIG, a major state capital investment operation platform, as well as a state-owned financial and assets platform, had played a vital role in the reform and opening-up of Shanghai since its founding as an important carrier for the reform and innovation of Shanghai, as well as an important window via which Shanghai opens to the outside world.

On a journey in the new journey, guided by the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, according to General Secretary Xi Jinping's requirements of "thinking about and planning for the development of Shanghai under the central strategy for the development of Shanghai, in the context of economic globalization, in the pattern of national development, and in the country's overall plan for the development of the Yangtze River Delta", SIG should give top priority to the utmost interests of the nation in work, and further give play to its historical advantage and brand effect in the allocation of global resources; SIG should further leverage its advantage in state capital operation and investment management, to enhance Shanghai's function of innovation sourcing, help stabilize industry chains and supply chains, and serve the development of Shanghai's high-end industries; SIG should further play its role and undertake its responsibility as a major force in the construction of "two centers, two hubs and two centers" during the building of Shanghai International Financial Center, especially in fields like fintech and green finance; as required by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the Shanghai Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SHSASAC), SIG should perform the duty of state-owned shareholder management of financial capital, and give better play to its function as the financial holding group; at the end of this year when it was sprinting for the annual target, SIG should make due contributions to the stable growth of Shanghai, conceive a work plan and reform and innovation measures for the next year, and endeavor to make new achievements on a new journey in the new era.

Guan Xiaojun, Deputy Director General of the Shanghai Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau; and Huang Binbing, Deputy Director of SHSASAC accompanied Wu for the survey. Yu Beihua, Secretary of the CPC SIG Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors; and Liu Xinyi, Vice Secretary of the CPC SIG Committee and President of SIG attended the meeting.