Working Together to Improve Quality and Efficiency: SIG Holds 2023 Work Safety Meeting

    To thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important remarks on work safety, as well as the work plans and requirements of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, as well as the CPC Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission of the Shanghai Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SHSASAC), SIG held the 2023 Work Safety Meeting on March 30. Guan Wei, Member of the CPC SIG Committee and Vice President of SIG; and Ma Haiyan, Member of the CPC SIG Committee and Director of the Department of Administration of SIG, attended the meeting.

    The meeting conveyed the spirit of the 2023 Work Safety & Fire Prevention Work Conference of SHSASAC, reviewed SIG's work safety situation in 2022, studied and arranged the key work in 2023. At the meeting, SIG signed letters of responsibility for annual targets of work safety with its departments, subsidiaries and fund companies. Based on their facts, Shanghai State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd., SIG Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai SITICO Assets Management Co., Ltd. delivered speeches on work such as the fulfillment of work safety responsibility, the results of the three-year special rectification action, safety culture building and epidemic control.

    The meeting stressed that SIG should soberly realize the importance of coordinating development with safety and continue to deepen the comprehensive management of work safety. First, SIG should firmly establish the awareness of work safety, study and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important remarks on work safety; second, SIG should improve the production safety management system, take the system of production safety responsibility for all as the core, thoroughly implement the requirements of "same responsibility for the Party and the government, two duties for one post" and "three musts", and decompose the primary responsibilities of work safety; third, SIG should strengthen the daily management of work safety, promote the production of the "15 stringent measures" and "Shanghai's 78 work measures" for work safety, and continue to deepen the construction of the "7+1 firewall"; fourth, SIG should develop new modes of safety education and training, enrich types of safety education, carry out education in production safety, information security, cyber security, food safety, traffic safety, financial security and other aspects; fifth, SIG should strengthen the management of potential safety hazards, focus on addressing problems, accomplishing goals and achieving results, explore effective ways of refined management, and keep the safety situation stable and controllable; sixth, SIG should improve the capability of comprehensive emergency response, and enhance the emergency management system with focus on disaster prevention and mitigation, work safety, and public health and security; seventh, SIG should normalize epidemic control, follow the principles of "early detection, early warning, early reporting and early disposal", improve the capabilities of epidemic monitoring and regular warning and disposal, spread the knowledge of epidemic prevention, advocate healthy living habits, and build a solid shield against the epidemic, so as to create a secure environment for the business development of SIG.

    Heads of work safety and heads of administrative departments of SIG's subsidiaries, as well as heads and safety supervisors of SIG's departments attended the meeting.