SIG Holds Lecture on Economic Situation Analysis

    To accurately grasp market opportunities, better analyze international and domestic economic situation and trends, and promote the high-quality development of SIG, according to the schedule of the Central Group of the CPC SIG Committee on Theoretical Study in 2023, SIG held a workshop on the morning of April 11, inviting Lian Ping, Chief Economist of ZhiXin Investment, President of ZhiXin Investment Research Institute and Chairman of the China Chief Economist Forum, to give a lecture on the current international and domestic economic situation.

    Yu Beihua, Secretary of the CPC SIG Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors, presided over the lecture. Among over 90 attendees were members of SIG's leading body, SIG's external supervisors, executives of the CPC SIG Committee, and all the staff of SIG's headquarters.

    From the impact of four major international economic risks on China's economy, the medium and long-term growth potential of China's economy, and the outlook of the macroeconomic situation in 2023, Lian analyzed the current economic situation, as well as medium and long-term economic trends. With clear views and detailed data, the lecture provided targeted guidance for SIG to accurately grasp the direction of macro policies and the economic situation, and plan for development in a scientific manner.

    This year marks the opening year for the implementation of the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and the launch year of SIG's new three-year plan, and it is significant to fulfill the annual targets and tasks of SIG, Yu noted. Based on a good start in the first quarter, according to the macroeconomic situation and policy changes, through the upcoming thematic education on the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, SIG should firmly grasp the general requirements of "studying the thought, enhancing the Party spirit, emphasizing practice and making new achievements", implement the spirit of Mayor Gong Zheng's important speech during his visit to SIG, focus on the targets and tasks set at the beginning of this year, enhance spirits, and work harder to fulfill the annual targets and tasks.