Showing Women's Aspiration, Pooling Women's Strength - SIG's Women Representatives Attend 16th Municipal Women's Congress

    The 16th Shanghai Women's Congress was held from April 18 to 20. Chen Jining, Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, attended the opening session and delivered a speech. Ma Haiyan, Member of the CPC SIG Committee and Chairwoman of the Labor Union of SIG; and Sun Beiyu, Member of the CPC Committee and Vice President of Shanghai State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. (SSAM), performed their duties by offering suggestions at the conference, showing the splendor and mental outlook of SIG's female staff in the new era.

    Now let's listen to their "voice".

    Ma Haiyan: With excitement, I attended the municipal women's congress again, listening carefully to the important speech of Chen Jilin, Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, and the five-year work report of the municipal women's congress. As a witness and participant, the municipal women's federation has forged ahead with the Party's original aspiration and founding mission for women's work, and achieved fruitful results. The federation has set definite goals and worked out clear measures for the coming five years. As a woman representative of the state-owned capital and finance systems, I feel very proud and have full confidence. After the congress, I will further focus on the central task and serve the overall interests, keep to the right path and make innovations, convey and implement the spirit of the congress, and continue to lead, serve and contact female professionals in the state capital and finance systems, stay loyal to the Party, actively integrate myself into women's work, shoulder the heavy responsibilities of our times, boost my aspiration, contribute my strength and display my splendor in the building of Shanghai into five centers.

    Sun Beiyu: As a deputy to the 16th Shanghai Municipal Women's Congress, I feel greatly honored with the mission and responsibility. Guided by Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, I will actively serve and integrate into the new paradigm of high-quality development of SIG, focus on the primary business and responsibility of AMC, pursue market-oriented, specialized, internationalized and law-based development, give full play to the role of AMC as a local financial stabilizer and a main force in risk solution, start from my own business practice, and display the splendor of women in concrete work.

    SIG's female staff should earnestly study, understand and implement the spirit of the 16th Shanghai Municipal Women's Congress, stick to their posts, enhance their sense of mission, perform their duties and responsibilities, implement the spirit of the congress in daily work, strive to be builders of great causes, advocates for civilization and pursuers of dreams, and contribute women's strength to the new, high-quality development of SIG.